Finding writing where it lives: Departmental relationships and relationships in departments

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In this chapter, Robert Scafe and Michele Eodice argue that, for many years, their approach to writing center and WAC program administration “would hardly be classified as systemic or sustainable” (Cox, Galin, & Melzer, 2018). They reflect that their approach relied too heavily on “micro-level, decentralized pedagogical work” (p. 236), the kind of approach to writing program administration Cox, Galin, and Melzer characterized as not promoting program longevity. However, Scafe and Eodice argue for the value of the relationships with faculty formed by this kind of micro-level work, and in this chapter, they develop a conceptual framework informed by WEC’s focus on collaborative labor, mutual respect, and relational work and supported with a case study from a WEC initiative in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department.