The sustainable and transformative WAC website provides an overview of building sustainable WAC programs based on the work of Michelle Crow (formerly Cox), Jeffrey Galin, and Dan Melzer. In addition to providing the principles, strategies, tactics, and methodology of the Whole Systems Approach (WSA) that program leaders can use to build programs, this site also provides resources for building sustainable WAC programs, a broad bibliography of works that address these issues, ongoing research, and opportunities to connect with other program administrators to discuss sustainable programs. We have also undertaken a longitudinal study of five WAC programs (Sustainable WAC Consortium) that have utilized the whole systems approach to build their programs and will share our findings here.

The goals of this website are to:

  1. Provide a clearinghouse for WSA approaches
  2. Provide more tools and resources
  3. Update the WSA, particularly tactics
  4. Report on research on the WSA
  5. Expand the WSA to broader audiences
  6. Provide additional resources to supplement what has been published
  7. Encourage ongoing conversation about the WSA.