According to a 2009 survey, over fifty percent of WAC programs fail to survive (Thaiss & Porter, 2010, p. 588). To address this problem, we have theorized a Whole Systems Approach (WSA) for developing sustainable and transformative WAC programs that provides a framework, methodology, set of principles, strategies, and tactics for program development. We derived this approach from complexity theories, including systems, social network, resilience, and sustainable development theories. We describe this approach in detail in our book Sustainable WAC: A Whole Systems Approach to Launching and Developing WAC Programs (2018). 

The WSA provides a theoretical framework, a methodology, and a set of principles, strategies, and tactics for making change to campus cultures of writing and for building programs that are integrated, highly visible, and sustainable. In this section of the website, we present an overview of the principles that inform the WSA, the WSA methodology for developing sustainable WAC programs, and strategies associated with each stage of the methodology. We also share examples of materials related to the WSA such as mission statements, network maps, and sustainability indicators.