Theorizing the WEC model with the whole systems approach to WAC program sustainability

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In this chapter, Jeffrey Galin draws on data from the WAC program he directs at Florida Atlantic University, arguably the first program to use a whole systems approach (Cox, Galin, and Melzer, 2018) in conjunction with a QEP initiative, he began a WEC initiative in order to revitalize a longstanding WAC program, and in this chapter, he traces how he used collaborative and consensus building to develop a program mission, goals, and sustainability indicators (drawing also on Cox & Galin, 2019). Included in this chapter are useful sample materials: a slide from a meeting with the political science department laying out the writing plan (p. 184), the mission he developed with his colleagues (p. 192), sustainability indicator ranges (193-196), resulting data (p.196), and that data presenting visually (pp. 198-199). This chapter would be fruitful to read alongside Cox and Galin (2019) and Peters (2019).