Indiana University Bloomington Campus Writing Program

  • Indiana University Bloomington is a Research 1 institution with a total enrollment of 49,000 students (33,000 undergraduates).
  • During the Consortium, I was working to further develop a writing program that was started in 1990.
  • During the Consortium, the Campus Writing Program was most focused on the following stages: Understanding the System; Involving Multiple Stakeholders; Positioning for Greater Leverage; and Setting Program Mission, Goals, and SIs.
  • The Campus Writing Program is located within the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning, which is jointly administered by the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and University Information Technology Services.
  • During the past few years, the Campus Writing Program has focused on diversity and inclusion projects, including expanding services for multilingual writers, making the writing center more accessible for students with disabilities, and developing an inclusive language statement that we can operationalize through programming and consultations with individual instructors.
  • During the Consortium, I have used the recursive structure of the WSA to keep returning to the understanding phase, even as we develop sustainable programs. I have also used the WSA’s emphases on mapping the system and developing SIs to think about our positioning and sustainability. The WSA’s emphasis on equity has been particularly useful as we have navigated the pandemic during the past two years.